top 5 iOS apps for the health junkies

Health is wealth. But we’re so busy with our lives that we tend to overlook our health! That healthy ‘diet’, or that fitspo goal seems so hard to achieve! As a person who always eat out, I do wonder how much oil that zi char chef added into my plate of rice. Oh my :O

But no worries, health junkies. There are fuss free ways to keep a healthy lifestyle! We’ve carefully looked through the different apps in the App Store and picked out some that were really useful – from getting healthy food, to keeping to your fitness goals, these apps would surely come in handy. You can thank us later 😉

for those who love cooking

Kitchen Stories


photo credit: Kitchen Stories

These pocket-size recipes are wonderful. Recipes are categorised into over 30 different sections. Comfort food sounds good on a rainy day, and if you feel that you’ve burst your calorie meter but that tummy is still growling, look for those recipes under 400 kcal. The user-interface is spectacular, with videos that comes with every recipe. For those who always look at nutritional values of everything you buy during grocery shopping, fret not. These recipes includes nutrition per serving as well. Their step to step guide is amazing. Even if you’re not sure how to cook, we’re pretty sure you’ll make something great out of their easy-to-follow recipes.

to fulfil your healthy shopping needs



photo credit: Mother Earth Living

On their app, you’ll be spoilt for choice. iHerb offers a wide range of products, from nutritional supplements to dried groceries, carrying a large selection of high quality nutritional products from across the world. You’ll never have to search high and low in the supermarket again, looking through all that nutritional labels to figure out which is actually healthy. Any nutritional supplements, healthy groceries, they got your back. Everything you need would be delivered to your doorstep, but you’ll have to take note of shipping charges that may apply. Fret not, with so many product orderings, we’re sure you’ll max out your shopping cart and be entitled to free shipping. Otherwise, just look out for products with the”shipping saver” tag and add them to your cart to relieve your shipping cost!

for you to keep track of your fitness goals


photo credit: Fermenantly Fit

This app is amazing. It works just like a little buddy that keeps your fitness and diet in check. Through the diary function, you can track what you’ve ate throughout the day, and the amount of calories you’ve burnt. If you’re used to writing a diary, where jot down your daily happenings, this is nothing new. Also, having input your activity level and weight, the app will then churn out a magic number. That’s the number of calories you should be having to achieve your desired goal. MyFitnessPal Blog also has interesting articles that are posted frequently (we need to up our game). Fitness, food, diet, nutrition. They got it all covered.

Furthermore, you may also learn more about the food you have always been eating, as they show you a summary of the nutrients from the food that you had. Short on vitamin C? Get more fruits and veggies. Too much saturated fat? You know what to do 😉 Either way, doesn’t matter if you’re looking to lose some weight or gain some mass, this app is definitely a good one to have on your iphone.

spice up your weekly workouts routines

Workouts by skimble


photo credit: Scott Webb

If you’re getting bored of your mundane workout, and on the verge of giving up, don’t! Try Workouts, which can be easily found on the app store. As a freemium app, there is plenty of workout videos that you can browse and follow, on that pocket sized screen of yours. It is essentially a workout trainer on your screen, and you just have to follow through the workout of your choice. Ranging from short to longer videos, you can find videos that focus on just abs, to others that give you a good kick with full body workouts. Just look out for those videos without the “pro+” tag , and you’re ready to get that beach body for free!

healthy food delivery


Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 11.55.40 AM

photo credit: Grain

This is all you need to get your healthy lunch fixes. Grain has a mission “to create great food and make it accessible to everyone.” Totally explains why they do island-wide delivery, with varied pricing. It’s simple to order. Get the app, open it, and sumptuous meal boxes awaits. You might be thinking – wouldn’t you get bored of their food? But that should be your least worry, with their ever changing menu. From Ribeye Shabu Shabu, to Dragon Well Basil Rice, hearing these names makes my tummy growling even. Remember to order early though (preferably before 10am), or you may have to give their mealboxes a miss on that very day. If you worry that you may forget to order, Grain does take pre-orders up to 5 days in advance 😉

Feel that the grain menu grain doesn’t suit you? With so many delivery apps coming along, you may also be able to find healthy food options through them!

Hope you’ll find these apps useful, or let us know if you have better recommendations! Cheers to great health 😉

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