Thank a Mum with boxgreen 2017

Thank a Mum campaign

On the 6th May 2017, our boxgreen squirrels set up a humble booth outside Mandarin Gallery to give out 100 free snack boxes, each containing a heartfelt message written by another stranger. To be honest, we didn’t quite know what to expect — we only wanted to encourage Singaporeans to pass on their love for all mothers.


boxgreen vending machine

thank a mum

boxgreen squirrels


Singaporeans are a lovely bunch, but we can be pretty shy (at first). Initially, everyone only looked from a distance. But more gradually, few people started coming up to us to understand more about our campaign. And… they really loved the idea! Almost everyone we met that day were more than happy to write a note of appreciation for someone’s mum.


thank a mum

thank a mum


Our hearts felt so SO full when the crowd started to form, and people put in so much effort to craft a beautiful message for a mum. Kids were excited to decorate the boxes for their mothers, and mothers themselves were writing a note of encouragement for another mum. It was truly a heart warming view. We were also lucky enough to witness mothers’ faces lit up when their children gifting the boxes to them on the spot.



As the chinese saying goes “天下的媽媽都是一樣的”. It is true that all mothers are the greatest, and people of all ages and from all walks of life will come together to celebrate this. 

Thank you everyone for supporting our modest Thank a Mum campaign. We are immensely grateful for your help to pass on the love. ♥  We hereby wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. We love you mummy!!!

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