South Korea’s Insane Diet Trends


The beautiful land of South Korea. Filled with great sceneries, shopping districts, entertainment and food. What one may question is how do the ladies remain such a standard of beauty with all the insanely delicious food tempting them? From the many Korean dramas, variety shows and Kpop music shows we watch, we know the ladies place such a huge emphasis on beauty. From cosmetics to exercise to what we’ll share today – diet

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Diet isn’t something that is unhealthy when done right. Yet somehow over the years, this year has collected a negative connotation with it. Partially because of the increase in extreme diet plans of which we will share some today.

Extreme diets. Some have proven to themselves to be effective but sometimes by no means are they a healthy way to go about losing weight. In South Korea, there have been perceived higher standards of beauty due to their ever-so-popular entertainment scene. These idols have set the bar for what is considered beautiful in their society and as such many of the diet plans they go on have been picked up by the main population in South Korea. Here are some of the extreme diets these girl group idols go on:

  • IU Diet

IU Diet Challenge

IU, also known as the nation’s little sister, has won the hearts of many with her beautiful voice and adorable look. This diet is the most popular one yet. It has become a trend and is called the “IU Diet Challenge” whereby many people post their attempt at this diet for a few days or weeks. Here’s how the diet goes:

IU's diet
credit: Korea daily
  • UEE (After School) Diet

UEE from the old school (pun not intended) girl group, After School, became known for her honey thighs. Though this name brought her to fame, she decided to go on a diet to be slightly slimmer and worked out more to firm up a little bit. Her diet plan was called “1000 calories diet”. Essentially, her diet plan was to consume a daily total of 1000 calories and it didn’t matter what you consumed as long as it remained under 1000 calories.  

  • Park Shin Hye Diet

Park Shin Hye, one of Korea’s favourite actresses had one of the greatest weight change. As she started to pick up more lead roles, she made it a constant effort to lose weight to look better on screen. Here’s how her diet looked like:

Shin Hye's diet
credit: Korea daily
  • Suzy Diet

Suzy from Miss A is the nation’s little sweetheart (not to beconfused with the nation’s little sister). After gaining popularity from the music industry, she was under the continuous watch of the public as this multi-talented idol ventured into acting. Having started her career from a young age, many watched her grow and her transformation soon became noticeable and commended by many. Her cute little baby cheeks were lost and soon she was admired as a mature woman. Here’s how her diet went:

Suzy's diet
credit: Korea daily
  • Soyou Diet

Soyou from the group SISTAR was previously not noticed amongst her other popular members Hyorin and Bora. However, she soon became a hot topic the moment she started becoming heavily involved in beauty shows that mainly focused on fitness and diet. She has then been known for working out and lead the group into a new direction of being ambassadors for sports-related products such as Sketchers. She mentioned that a good workout does not work if one doesn’t watch what he/she eats. As such, she keeps her curves with this diet:

Soyou's Diet
credit: Korea daily

By no means are we suggesting that the whole world goes on these diets. Keep in mind that these diets were designed for these idols who were under the scrutiny of the public. Additionally, their main goal was to lose weight within a short period of time. These diets, though extreme, were effective. This can also be attributed to their own time with their personal trainers and nutritionist. We believe that it is important to watch what we eat and to exercise regularly. Love your body and treat it right, you know what’s best for your body.

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