recipe: Monster Apple Bites

The Halloween food, and an everyday snack to keep (scare) the doctor away! 😉


Prep time: 10 minutes



Green apple – Mouth
Strawberries – Tongue
Peanut butter – Glue
Salted caramel sun seeds – Teeth
Banana pecan crumble – Eyes & Hair
1 tbsp Melted dark chocolate – Eyes

Prep work
Mouth: slice apple into a quarter and cut the centre of it to form the shape of a mouth
Tongue: Slice strawberries into thin strips


Creating your monster:
1. Coat the insides of the mouth with peanut butter
2. Place salted caramel sun seeds on the top of the mouth
3. Place a strip of strawberry at the bottom
4. Glue the eyes on with peanut butter


Other ways you can enjoy it
Instead of peanut butter, you can also spread yogurt in the apple’s mouth for a little extra protein, calcium, and YUMZ!

Here’s another idea: If you are serving it on Halloween, use red jam for a bloodier mess.


Leah’s healthy tips
More than half of the apple’s vitamins and fibre are in its skin – don’t peel it away!!


Did you know?
Unlike red apples, green apples take a longer time to go brown once you’ve cut it.


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