Why is a snacking worker always happy?

Is the office pantry (or cabinet) your favourite place to pop by at work when you’re feeling stressed or maybe a little down? You’ve got lots of choices – from oreos to biscuits, nuts, and chips, and all these makes you happy. But wait – do you find yourself regretting that chocolate binge? That’s why it’s important to know why you love to snack! It makes you aware of your state of mind so you could make mindful choices when you fly to the pantry.

It triggers happy hormones

happy food

‘Cause I’m happy, clap along if you know what happiness is to you~’ Well, eating snacks makes us feel light hearted and happy. That is because our feel good hormones, Endorphins, are secreted when we exercise, laugh, and consume mood boosting foods. Dark chocolate and a fruit smoothie (blueberries, strawberries and banana) are great choices, and they’re rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, which reduces our risk of cancer. In short, there really is such a thing as “happy food”!


Stress reliever


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When workload starts to take a toll, we all need a little something to relieve our stress. If that’s you, stop right there! Breathe and take a mini break. Don’t binge on high fat and refined sugar foods as it will likely cause you to feel more sluggish. Instead, snack on foods high in iron and B vitamins to increase concentration and fight the fatigue. Figs, hummus dips, trail mixes and a refreshing cup of tea will keep the snacking worker happy. Snack on these portion controlled snacks to help you relieve workday stress.


Eating is sociable

Group Of Friends Meeting For Lunch In Coffee Shop

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Who doesn’t love food!? Friendships all start with the love for food, with food we form friends and romantic relationships. Imagine this – you’re feeling munchie and restless, so you entice(or drag) a colleague over to the pantry, and there you have it: the start of a beautiful friendship. A study done in the US found that camaraderie at work is the key to happiness and productivity at work. A large box of healthy snacks will most certainly keep everyone happy.


Kills boredom


It’s 3pm and you’re feeling overwhelmed and restless at work. You’re done browsing through your Instagram feed, your brain is fried but the clock seems to be moving so slowly. Don’t fret – healthy snacks to the rescue! Having healthy snacks available will give you the option to snack without the guilt while killing boredom.


Satisfies cravings

Woman's cravings

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Do you have a food craving right now? Sometimes, it may consume you and you’ll find yourself thinking about it for periods of time, which could disrupt important train of thoughts at work. Fulfilling a food craving is just… the ultimate satisfaction, and a satisfied snacking worker is a happy worker. Go ahead, share a plate of waffles with your colleagues (while secretly sharing the calories!)




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A han-gry man is an angry man. Nuff said. Snackspiration


Free snacks makes everyone happy


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Did someone say free??? Having free snacks in the office gives people the motivation to go to work and boost employee satisfaction. A survey done found that 67% of employees with access to free food at work are very happy at their workplace.

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