Milo vs fresh milk, which is the best breakfast drink?

When I was a kid, I would always have a cup of milo before school. Or sometimes, milk with cereal. Back then, I really didn’t care which was better for me (obviously) so I thought it would be fun to do a little digging. Here goes…


and the better drink goes to…

Toasting with Milk Glass

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Low fat fresh milk! You probably would have guessed it already since milo does sound kind of… sinful.

But how much better is milk compared to milo? I’ve compared a standard glass of milo (30g powder to 200ml of water), and 200ml of HL milk.



Milk has twice the amount of calcium


A glass of milo contains 180mg of calcium, while a glass of milk contains 400mg of calcium, which fulfils almost half the amount of our daily requirements. Don’t forget to include calcium foods in your diet to keep those bones and shiny teeth strong!


Milk has almost thrice the amount of protein


GAH! I’ve been deceived all childhood when milo said it ‘gives me energy’ and make me strong :/ turns out a glass of milk has 10g of protein while milo only has 3.4 g.


Milk is slightly lower in calories


Picture calories:

Milo is 20 calories more than a glass of milk, which is not much but if you add sugar and condensed milk in your milo, then that increases the calories by 30 – 40!


Try this with milk


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One breakfast habit I’ve picked up is switching from milk with cereal to milk with nuts, fruits, and a sprinkle of granola. Cereal in cereal boxes are usually high in sugar and artificial stuff. Not the most ideal of breakfasts.

But this breakfast bowl, ooh mmm it’s so yummy and the high protein and good fat content keeps you feeling full till lunchtime. Trust me, you have to try it!! These interesting yogurt combinations are awesome too!


p.s. Milo might not be the healthiest breakfast drink, but I still wouldn’t trade it for the world. Just keep in mind that your Milo peng is not exactly a guilt-free energy drink, so drink in moderation!

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