Unemployment blues no more with this complete list of job portals in Singapore

Today’s employees are perpetually on the lookout for greener pastures. This is especially so in Singapore, where workers switch jobs once every 1 or 2 years on average. Everyone is constantly in “job search” mode.

Case in point: I’ve personally worked at 4 different companies over the past 3 years, which establishes my batting average at 0.75 jobs per year (yes, I’m below the average).

Thankfully, job vacancies are aplenty if you know where to look, something I’ve learnt well in my yearly job search. Here’s a list of every website, portal, and aggregator that will help you find the best jobs in Singapore.

The Complete List of Websites for Your Job Search in Singapore

Job hopping millennials, get your resumes ready.

Recruiters and hiring managers, you’ll probably want to bookmark this website (or Pocket it) to release your future job listings into the wild.


General Job Search Portals

The complete list of websites for your job search in Singapore
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1. Jobs Bank

Launched in 2014, Jobs Bank is Singapore’s official job portal. It was set up with the goal of giving Singaporean PMEs (professionals, managers, and executives — yes, I had to Google that) an advantage over foreigners.

How does Job Bank accomplish that? The answer lies in the Fair Consideration Framework, which states that it is mandatory for employers to put up job advertisements on Jobs Bank for at least 14 days before they can hire foreigners on Employment Passes (EPs).

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 238

Price: Free.

2. JobStreet

JobStreet is one of Southeast Asia’s oldest and largest job portals. At the time of publishing, there were roughly 45,000 job listings for Singapore on the platform. Pretty impressive, given that Singapore only has around 38,000 business entities, according to World Bank data.

The Malaysian company was acquired by Australia’s own job ads company, Seek, in 2014.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 45

Price: Package of 4 advertisements and 4 “standout listings” costs S$380-404, while 2 advertisements and 2 “standout listings” costs S$204-247.

3. JobsDB

Another long-standing jobs portal in Southeast Asia, JobsDB ended up merging with JobStreet in 2014 after the latter was acquired.

According to Alexa, JobsDB seems to have a stronger foothold in Hong Kong as compared to Singapore, where JobStreet dominates.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 132

Price: S$98.60 for a job advertisement.

4. JobsCentral

JobsCentral, which was acquired by US-based CareerBuilder in 2011, is one of the newer contestants in this space.

Students should know this portal well. JobsCentral runs an annual career fair targeted at soon-to-be graduates, as well as BrightSparks, a go-to resource for information on scholarships or higher education.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 274

Price: Pricing is only available upon enquiry, but basic job advertisements are free (limited to 30-days).

5. Monster

US-based Monster is one of the largest job portals in the world. In Singapore, however, it ranks behind the previous three websites, according to Alexa. Also, it is one of the costlier options for employers.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 384

Price: US$124 for a job advertisement.

6. STJobs (formerly known as ST701)

Are you familiar with the classifieds section of your local newspaper? Well, STJobs is the online descendent of it, debuting back in 2006.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 187

Price: S$120 for a job advertisement, followed by 5 for S$420, 10 for S$760, and S$1,140 for 20.

Job Aggregators

The complete list of websites for your job search in Singapore
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The websites listed in this section are aggregators, meaning that they compile jobs from several sources like job boards (those above) or company recruitment pages.

If you’re lazy, job aggregators are definitely the way to go. With one simple search term, you can view all the jobs for any vertical instantly.

The bad? You’ll probably have to sift through several duplicate postings, since there’s a chance that a company might post the same job on more than one platform. Arguably, a small price to pay.

7. Indeed

One of the first job aggregators ever. Indeed also allows employers to post advertisements directly.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 145

Price: Free, but you can make your job advertisement stand out as a “sponsored job” for S$0.25-1.50 per click.

8. Jobs.com.sg

Pretty much the same as Indeed, with the exception that Jobs.com.sg does not accept individual job advertisements. Bummer.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 1,152

Price: Not applicable.

9. Recruit

Like Jobs.com.sg, Recruit doesn’t seem to take individual job advertisements. Instead, it asks employers to submit a form with their company website, and it will “automatically get all the jobs.”

No mention of pricing, either.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 520

Price: Unknown.

10. Jobspotting

Jobspotting is a newcomer to the job aggregation space. It claims to “learns about your skills and who you’re aiming to be,” and offer you job recommendations, though exactly how it does that is unclear.

Still, the website looks pretty, and it offers employers the option of “branding” their recruitment pages:

“List employee benefits, perks, and show off what makes your office culture so unique.”

Jobspotting also features built-in analytics that shows employers how well their job listings did. Best of all, it’s completely free—for now, at least.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: Not listed.

Price: Free—for now.

Government Jobs

11. Careers@Gov

Yes, the coveted iron rice bowl. All government jobs in Singapore can be found right here. Go get ‘em, you patriotic fellow, you.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 1,022

Price: Free, but limited to public service jobs (naturally).

Freelance or Part-time Jobs

The complete list of websites for your job search in Singapore
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12. FastJobs

Part-time jobs are a great way to make the most of your spare time. They allow you to get some experience (so your resume won’t look clean as a baby’s bottom), and at the same time earn some moolah. Two birds, one stone.

And FastJobs has quite a range of part-time jobs, from clerical to teaching positions.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 3,621

Price: Free trial, but need to pay using credits (called FastCoins) thereafter — price unknown.

13. Freeboh

Freeboh focuses more on shift-based jobs, like being part of a kitchen crew or packing stuff. However, it requires job seekers to bid for shifts that are vacant.

The upside? Employers don’t need to pay a cent to post their job vacancies. Even better, Freeboh has a scheduling feature that employers can use to manage staff schedules. That’s definitely a plus.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 849

Price: Free trial, but need to pay using credits thereafter — price unknown.

14. Careermums

Careermums was created to cater to working mothers, with a variety of “freelance, flexible hours and other non-traditional full time employment opportunities.” However, you don’t need to be a mother to view the job board, so it’s fair game.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 16,630

Price: S$68 for a normal job advertisement, and S$108 to give your ad a boost to the top.

15. FreelanceZone

The word “freelance” might make up a big part of its name, but FreelanceZone also has a number of part-time jobs listed on its portal.

What makes this job portal unique is that it allows freelancers to advertise their services, too, for just S$0.10 a day. That comes out to about S$3 a month, which is decent.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 7,137

Price: Free for the first two job advertisements, thereafter it costs S$9.99 for 4 job ads; S$29.99 for 10 job ads; and S$49.99 for unlimited job ads for 30 days. You can also bump your ad to the top for S$10 per job, or make it appear in a different color for S$5 per job.

16. Part Time Jobs

No mucking around here—what you see is what you get on this job portal. All job ads are free to apply for, and they are free to post too.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 3,100

Price: Free, free, free.

Internships or Fresh Graduate Jobs

Disappointingly, apart from school-specific job portals (which are closed off to the public), it seems quite hard to find a good internship in Singapore.

Thankfully, there are at least these two websites that the future of our country can browse through.

17. Glints

Glints is a company started by students, for students. Their founders—fresh-faced 21 years-old kids—understand the pains that millennials face in finding the internship of their dreams. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that they were hunting around, too.

The front page of Glints boasts a decent-sized list of around 1,400 internships. Employers can post internship advertisements for free, but need to pay once a candidate has been hired.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 3,100

Price: S$68 for a normal job advertisement, and S$108 to give your ad a boost to the top.

18. InternSG

InternSG is the Part Time Jobs for internships. Free to use, free to post. Nuff said.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 2,027

Price: Free, free, free indeed.

Tech Startup Jobs

The complete list of websites for your job search in Singapore
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Recent years have seen Singapore being transformed into an entrepreneurial hub. Accordingly, technology startups are sprouting up left, right, and center, bringing with them many job opportunities. Here’s where you can find them.

19. Startup Jobs Asia

Startup Jobs Asia has a wide variety of jobs posted by startups from all across the region. Not surprising, since it’s free to put up your job ads here.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 1,222

Price: Free like a bird.

20. Tech in Asia

Once a weekly “tech jobs in Asia this week”article, Tech in Asia now has a dedicated job portal that features several high-quality job opportunities in prominent startups. Not one to miss in your job search.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 341

Price: Free if you register as a community member.

21. e27

One of the older startup job boards around. e27 is probably better known for its Echelon tech conference, but its job portal has a good number of listings, too.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 723

Price: Free if you register as a community member.

22. AngelList

AngelList’s tagline is “where the world meets startups”—and that includes potential employees.

However, I’ve found that most of the startups here don’t really update their listings much. Still, no harm having an occasional look.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: Not listed.

Price: Free. That is all.

Marketing and Communications Jobs

23. Campaign Asia-Pacific

Campaign Asia-Pacific is one of the largest media companies in this region focusing on marketing and communications. Given the makeup of its audience, it makes sense to have a job board catering to those looking for, guess what, marketing and communication jobs.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any information whatsoever on Campaign Asia-Pacific’s website on how to post a job advertisement. I assume that you’ll have to contact their staff directly.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 3,291

Price: Unknown.

Creative Jobs

24. Culturepush

Culturepush is all about “cool stuff in art, culture, and design in Singapore.” Also cool jobs in the creative industry, of course. Its layout is clean and simple—don’t expect any frills here.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: 5,091

Price: Freeeeee.

Remote Jobs

The complete list of websites for your job search in Singapore
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This is the section you’ve all been waiting for, right? Who doesn’t want to work from anywhere in the world?

Having worked remotely on and off for the past 3 years, I can say that it’s definitely a fantastic experience. Most of the time, anyway.

25. WeWorkRemotely

The creator of this remote work job board is none other than Basecamp (formerly known as 37Signals). Basecamp is also better known as the godfather of remote working—they’ve been doing it since 1999, when remote working wasn’t even cool yet.

Also, they literally wrote the book on remote working, which is pretty cool.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: Not listed.

Price: US$200 for 30 days.

26. RemoteOK

RemoteOK was created by a more recent powerhouse in the digital nomad scene, Pieter Levels.

It’s more of an aggregator—in his words, “a search engine for ALL remote jobs out there”—so there’s quite a good selection to pick from. You can also choose to post a remote job directly.

Alexa ranking in Singapore: Not listed.

Price: US$200 for 30 days.

Did we leave any great job search websites out? Let us know in the comments below!


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