Healthier snack and wine pairings for a classier weekend

Wine and cheese is without a doubt, a classic, but there’s a lot more to pairings than just wine, cheese, and cold cuts! They say good things comes in pairs, like fries and garlic chilli sauce, mantou and chilli crab, and so on… here’s a¬†list of healthier snack and wine pairings you’d never thought of, for your late night drinking or netflix and chill ūüėČ


Laksa cashews & Champagne

That’s right, laksa. The deep flavours of the laksa and its prawn-like aftertaste¬†goes especially well with an acidic, pleasantly sparkling wine or champagne. Imagine¬†sinking into those juicy prawns and aromatic broth, while sipping on champagne, mm hmm! However,¬†devouring¬†an entire bowl of Laksa dish¬†is not so practical (nor advisable) for a late night supper. Instead, we’ll say you¬†grab¬†some laksa flavoured cashews¬†to wash down with a¬†bottle of Moet. Made with only natural ingredients such as cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, and homemade laksa paste, with this snack you can have your Laksa indulgence without the guilt.

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Mocha Almonds & Cabernet Sauvignon

mocha almonds
Not just chocolate¬†and almonds, but chocolate almonds. It’s no question that¬†they will go well with practically everything; but they’re even better with red wine! When pairing wine with chocolate, you could always follow this general rule: the more intense and bitter the chocolate, the more full bodied the wine should be. (Plus dark chocolates are actually very beneficial for your health!).

We recommend pairing a handful of mocha almonds¬†with a glass of full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon. Fresh almonds dusted with mocha powder? Sounds like a perfect night for the weekend. ps. They can even help with your blood pressure and weight loss. ūüėČ

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Quinoa Cocoa Cookies & pinot noir

Quinoa Cocoa Cookies
Cocoa cookies generally pair well with a pinot noir as the wine’s light¬†fragrance compliments the heavier cocoa butter taste of the cookies. To make this even better, have a glass of pinot noir with boxgreen’s¬†quinoa cocoa cookie¬†at the side.¬†These cookies are about 30% lower in calories and sugar than regular chocolate cookies. Oh! There’s also a teeny weeny hint of lemon zest in them.

They’re¬†my personal favourite, you have to try them. Get Quinoa Cocoa Cookies¬†here.


Tom Yum & Sauvignon Blanc

Tom yam
A couple of dry whites work wonderfully with spicy foods as it tones down the spicy heat and cleanses the palette. The Spicy Tom Yum Crunch and a Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect combination for a relaxing time in the nature. Hand baked with small-batch dried kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass, your tastebuds will thank you for the refreshing treat.

Bring a few packs of our Tom Yam snack along on your next trip to Australia (or make do with a beautiful scenic painting to admire, while you munch on them :P).

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Organic sun dried apricots & blanc de blancs

dried apricots
Blanc de blancs, a french champagne, offers the perfect balance of dryness, bubbles, and fruitiness to enrich a lovely plate of sun dried apricots topped with goat cheese. Not to mention, dried apricots are amazing snacks, containing wonderful nutrients and vitamins. Plus our apricots are au natural and sulphite free.


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Ultimately, taste is subjective (tested and proven), and what may work for one may not work for the other. If you have any better snacks and wine pairings, we want to know!

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