Healthy or not, chendol?

In this special weekly series by Boxgreen, we bring you our ratings (nutritionist approved) of a couple of local Singaporean yums.


Here is this week’s #BGSOTW (BoxGreen’s Snack of the Week)…






Why meh it’s just ice and little coconut milk!

You’re better off eating that scoop of ice-cream than a bowl of chendol. One bowl of chendol contains a WHOOPING 59g of sugar. That’s 12 teaspoons of sugar! It’s like eating ice and putting 12 teaspoons of sugar into your bowl :O Oh and, the calories in one bowl of this is more than a subway sandwich.

Calories in one bowl: 386kcal


Healthier alternatives:

Red bean soup, green bean soup, or a Cheng Tng snack.


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Healthy or not, Cheng Tng?

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