Great news, dark chocolate is a healthy snack!

Who doesn’t love chocolate? We love chocolates so much we have a movie franchise in its honour. Maybe it’s the way society or traditions have engineered our minds into perceiving them as an act of love, a gesture of pleasure or a reward. But whatever it is, we know it’s hella good!


With everything else that tastes sooo good, chocolate must be bad for health? Turns out, god must have been in an excellent mood when he created dark chocolate — dark chocolate is actually very good for your body! #truestory #notcomplaining #hallelujah


dark chocolate cake


Is it only dark chocolate?

In short: yes, only dark chocolate is a healthier snack option. Dark chocolate contains higher concentrations of cocoa solids as compared to other chocolates with an added advantage of little or no sugar. On the other hand, the addition of other ingredients in the manufacturing of milk chocolate, decreases the nutritional value and makes it less healthy. As cocoa solids are also responsible for the rich dark color, you would be right to assume that white chocolates have none of it.


How is it a healthy snack?

Research has proven over and over that dark chocolates are a healthy path to explore when it comes to sweeties. The advantages of eating dark chocolates include:

Rich in antioxidants

Dark chocolates are loaded with organic compounds such as catechins, flavanols, polyphenols that function as antioxidants. Scientifically put, dark chocolate is better than blueberries.

Lower risk for heart diseases

Matters of the heart cannot be taken lightly, only the dark way. Consumption improves several risk factors when it comes to heart diseases. For example, it has been proven that cocoa decreases oxidized cholesterol in men. It can also reduce insulin resistance which is a common factor in many heart ailments.

A caffeine kick that won’t keep you up at night

Looking for the perfect mid brunch and lunch snack, consider a nutritious dark chocolate solution that provides you with a substantial amount of soluble fiber and minerals including; manganese, iron, magnesium, potassium, copper, zinc and phosphorus. With hints of stimulants such as theobromine and caffeine, chocolate will provide you with the energy to get through with the day. Don’t worry, the caffeine is not too high to interrupt with your sleep.

Yes, it is actually good for your skin

With dark chocolate in your pocket, you don’t need any sunscreen. That’s a joke, but constant consumption can really generate a tolerance for your skin. The flavanols in it protect your skin from sun-damage and can also fix it by increasing blood flow, hydration and skin density to affected areas such as the back and arms.

Improves brain activity

Dark chocolate increases blood flow to organs that include the brain. Sharpen your mind and think faster!

Lower in calories

Dark chocolates have fewer carbs than other types of chocolate by a significant 2% range.


dark chocolate hearts


Is there even anything bad about dark chocolates??

A coin has two sides, even the choco ones. It’s still a chocolate and therefore contains high levels of calories and saturated fat. Well, a 40g serving (approximately 7 squares, maximum) has around 220 calories and 12g of saturated fat. A daily dose of 15 pieces and there goes your waistline. Dark chocolate is only better for your diet if you remember that: Moderation is key!


So great news everybody. Bite that square off – your heart needs the chocolate. Trust me, once you go dark, you never go back.

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