Coconut oil vs olive oil, which is better?

Because you know I’m all about the coconut, the coco, no treble! Ok bad Meghan Trainor reference there…

Coconut oil has been in the spotlight in recent months, taking all the glory from what used to be olive oil’s stage. So is coconut oil really worth our hard earned money?


Which is the lowest calorie oil? 

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Canola oil, vegetable oil, peanut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil. They’re all about the same amount of calories – 119 to 124 calories per tablespoon. But you must know;

It’s the quality of the fats in the oil that matter.


What’s the best fat?

I just laughed at my title (because  Cai Shen Ye has the best fats). Back to the question, not all fats are equal. There’s the good fat and the really unhealthy ones but I wouldn’t bore you with technical details.

There’s really no ‘BEST’ oil, but what’s BAD for you are deep fried foods, trans fat, and sticking to only one kind of oil.


Is the fat in coconut oil better than olive oil?

It’s like asking ‘are fruits better than vegetables?’.


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The benefits of olive oil have been long established, and it’s shown in many studies that it helps to reduce your risk of heart disease and promote good heart health.


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Coconut oil, the not so new kid on the block. It used to have a bad rep as it contains 85% saturated fat, which was thought to increase your risk of heart diseases.

In recent years, researchers have found that coconut’s saturated fat is the good kind as it is primarily medium chained saturated fatty acids (MCFA), which is said to fight inflammation and reduce your risk of several diseases.

So, good news! They’re both two different kinds of good fat.


Beware, good fats can turn to dangerous fats


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Yes, that includes coconut and olive oil.

Every oil has its smoke pointSort of like the boiling point of water, but it gives off smoke instead of steam. Both coconut and olive oil have medium smoke points and if heated past its smoke point, such as cooking in high heat or deep fry, the fats turn to cancerous compounds!


Best way to use olive oil

olive oil

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The smoke point of standard olive oil is about 216°C. Use it for baking, stir frying and for salad dressings (this simple salad dressing is awesome!).


Best way to use coconut oil


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The smoke point of coconut oil is slightly lower, so it’s better used for sauces, light sauteing, and low heat baking. How bout’ making some energy balls with a mixture of briyani granola, coconut oil, and bananas? YUM.


What should I buy at NTUC?


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Don’t just get one oil, you’ll need a separate one for frying in high heat. Pick the usual vegetable or palm oil if you want to deep fry. But of course, the healthier option would be to stir fry with olive or canola oil.


Value for money olive oil


Oil is oil, it’s not like peanut butter or kaya, so there’s no ‘best’ brand really. I just pick the cheapest off the shelves.


Is coconut oil worth the money?


If you’re paying more than 20 bucks for a small bottle of it, then probably not. Any virgin coconut oil is good enough.


My personal verdict: Olive oil wins! 


My biased opinion because I don’t like coconuts.

But they’re both good for you, so have both if it rocks your boat!


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