Create the ultimate hipster office space

Gone were the days where workspace is simply a dull and serious place — we’re ditching the cubicles and adopting ping-pong tables! In fact, we all agree that the office can do with a little more life and character.

Here’s for all of you hipsters out there who wants to bring the fun into your office:

1. Switch up the Furniture

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Time to ditch those boring and dull office tables and chairs. Switch them up with vibrant and aesthetically-pleasing furniture! In fact, you don’t even need chairs when you have beanbags.

Furniture alternatives: Hammock, swing chairs,


2. Think out of the box (literally)

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What makes an office space looks extraordinary rigid is the unnecessary box-ish, structured placements of furniture. Your furniture do not always have to be aligned! The only rule here is no rule.


3. Paint the walls
The wall is like a giant canvas full of potential, literally – you can paint art on them. If wall art is not your cup of tea, have them in solid colours. Just don’t let them go to waste!Here’s an idea: paint a wall with chalkboard paint and it can double up as your office’s noticeboard (just much cooler)!

Here’s another idea: Write motivational quotes on them. We love these ones here


Decorate the hipster way

bicycle on wall

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And that means… be bold, and decorate with your guts. Bring in the potted plants and hang that bicycle on your office wall, because why not? In fact, here’s a list of surprising things that you can hang on the wall!


Have an in-house cafe

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Or at least make your pantry looks like a cafe. We all know cafes are hipsters’ favourite hang out spots. Brick walls, pretty furniture, cozy lighting, and you are already half way there! Just don’t forget to stock it up with variety of yummy munchies.


Have an entertainment center

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Work hard, play hard right? A hipster workspace should not only be about work; having a foosball table can’t hurt. (Plus it works as a perfect decor as well.)


No formal attire please

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A hipster workspace is where hipsters go to work – as simple as that. Let your employees bring their style to the office! This one is absolutely zero cost and most likely your employees are gonna love you for it! 😉

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